Kõpu Lighthouse

The history of the lighthouse began over 500 years ago when a landmark was needed by the Hanseatic League in the first place, as their merchants were complaining about ships disappearing in the Baltic Sea. The highest hill (68 m) of Hiiumaa, the Tornimägi, became the location of the lighthouse.
In 1531 a massive stone tower was erected.
Interesting to know:
• Kõpu is the oldest constantly active lighthouse worldwide
• In 1660 iron stairs were constructed on the outer wall of the tower.
• In 1810 a staircase was built inside the tower.

Adult: 2
Child, student, pensioner: 1
Complex Ticket (all 3 visiting the lighthouse): adults € 5, children 2
Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children): € 5


Aadress: Kõpu küla, Kõrgessaare vald, Hiiu maakond

PHONE: +3725299162 kopu.tuletorn@mail.ee